Revo Open Cone Systems completely replace the OEM air intake for many who like to announce their vehicle is definately not standard. Along with an aggressive intake sound, more air means usage of more power throughout the rev-range
The factory 2.0 TFSI air-box works efficiently on a typical vehicle. As power is increased through tuning, however, it quickly becomes a significant restriction, reducing the additional power offered. Ensuring the engine can access enough air is paramount when increasing power, an open cone air-intake system is the most effective way of attaining this, however, not all products are made equal.

Having caused lots of intake solutions during software development, we noticed a lack of high quality and moreover, high flowing kits available. Working alongside some of the largest names in the air conditioning filter industry, we engineered and designed what’s still one of the best flowing kits available.

Pioneering design allows air to reach the turbo as fast as possible whilst minimising turbulence and restriction. Because of this, boost can be maintained for longer, providing you usage of more power throughout the rev-range along with a more aggressive sound, and performance you can feel completely to the redline.
The Revo engineering team knew that to create the very best kit, every component had to be thought to maximise and smooth airspeed. The machine is designed around a lightweight 90mm intake pipe, mandrel bent to keep the inner diameter in the corners and to create a one-piece solution. This offers superior flow and avoids air turbulence and resistance experienced on intake kits with multiple sections, usually caused at each join resulting in very turbulent airflow, finally restricting performance.

Ensuring correct MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor scaling is the true art when it comes to designing air intake systems if incorrect the intake system can in fact reduce power and cause major fuelling issues. The Revo kit integrates the stock MAF sensor in a created specifically housing on the one-piece pipe to ensure correct scaling during fitment.

An intake system is merely as effective as the filter. This kit comes filled with a proven Revo three-layer foam filter with an extraordinary 857cm² surface area, supported by galvanised, epoxy-coated mesh to guarantee the filter cannot collapse. The filter has a big 180mm external diameter body and a smooth radius aluminium bell mouth, specifically created for optimum airflow from the filter to pipe-work. Revo three-stage foam filters work very differently to conventional paper or cotton-gauze, which are surface filters made to trap particles on the outer layer, instantly causing restriction.

Revo foam filters work by trapping dirt particles within each of the oiled foam layers, allowing air to negotiate its way through the filter, reducing restriction and offering a lot longer service intervals. We tested the filter at a leading motor testing centre ‘Mira’ on a business recognised dust load test. On a full dust load test, the foam filter was found to be 99.1% efficient, filtering down to 5 microns while offering the least amount of restriction over similar products.

Revo 2.0TFSI Intake

The intake system features a laser-cut aluminium heat shield that ensures the filter is well insulated from ambient under-bonnet temperatures. The shielding was created to utilise the ducting in the factory grill to maximise airflow and prevent heat-soak.

The silicone hoses contained in the kit are made using high-quality automotive grade silicone, engineered to incorporate the machine using stepped necks to offer a smooth transition of air to avoid turbulence. The turbo inlet hose in addition has been specifically made to fit both K03 and K04 turbo powered ca