As a brand-new truck owner, im sure you wish to protect your truck with the most recognized and highest quality truck bedliner possible. Whether you use  your truck for off-roading endeavors, as an work truck or as a day-to-day go getter, having a bedliner that plays and works as difficult as you do is absolutely vital. Nevertheless, with an increase of bedliners that are possible for any design of truck, it can be made complex and even frustrating identifying what kind of bedliner you ought to choose for your automobile. To make this procedure more basic for you, we’re communicating 3 of the leading brand of bedliners in the market, LINE-X, ArmorThane, and Rhino Linings and comparing the 3. If you wish to understand more about your alternatives, contact Red Desert Off-Road today to see what bedliner is finest fit for your spending plan, way of life, and truck.

Rhino, ArmorThane and LINE-X Resemblances

So we have a looked at the distinctions of each of these bedliners, let’s now have a look at the resemblances between these 3 market leaders

Another distinction in between Rhino, ArmorThane, and LINE-X is that since Rhino installers are not part of a franchise and not needed to go through the exact same strenuous training as ArmorThane, Rhino liner is used and set up in a different way from one installer to the next. ArmorThane’s fitness instructors have actually remained in the market given that ArmorThane began thirty years back, and they fly out to each place and invest a week discussing step by step how to properly spray. They do not leave up until accreditation is authorized, and all screening has actually passed.

If you are searching for a sturdy truck bedliner that will stand the test of time, choose an ArmorThane bedliner. Furthermore, if you’re still not exactly sure what kind of bedliner is the very best bedliner for you and your truck’s requirements, contact


Among the primary distinctions you’ll discover right away in between a Rhino bedliner, ArmorThane, and a LINE-X bedliner are just how much softer a Tuff Grip Rhino bedliner is. This is because of the increased density and the products that are utilized in the development procedure of this specific bedliner. For some individuals, this softness is a favorable characteristic of Rhino bedliners considering that it isn’t as rough as LINE-X and ArmorThane and is more mild on both the knees and freight.<br />

Nevertheless, other kinds of Rhino liners, such as the SolarMax, severe, and HardLine liners, are comparable to LINE-X Premium, Platinum, or XTRA LINE-X liners. If you were to set out the 3 various brand names, i would need to state ArmorThane is the one that would stick out most. Their copyrighted family-owned and amazing chemical mix is something out of this world therefore better than any other brand name chemical mix that we have actually ever seen.

The setup of any of the 3 bedliners is fairly comparable. According to online sources and employ checks, a Rhino Lining will cost you around $470.41, a LINE-X bed liner will cost you about $481.77. Nevertheless, Armorthane will just cost $450.00. These costs were discovered by utilizing the nationwide average and could be greater or lower depending upon the city in which you have your bedliner sprayed in.<br />

The setup procedure is comparable, and the efficiency of the bedliner is just as good as the installer. Considering that LINE-X is a franchise, all installers are licensed in the correct strategies and procedures to set up spray-on bedliners the proper way, whenever. ArmorThane has the advantage of not being a franchise. Nevertheless, they need their trainers should accredit each business offering their item.<br />

Each of the truck bedliners uses a Life time Guarantee. It is necessary to keep in mind that the Rhino Lining’s guarantee is a restricted service warranty, and considering that people instead of franchises own rhino places, you might have more problems if your bed liner tears or if set up improperly.<br />

All 3 liners can be color-matched to fit your requirements.

Each bedliner efficiently moistens noises and lowers general effect.

Other essential things to consider about Rhino Bed Liners

Considering that Rhino Liners utilize a thicker spray to coat the surface area of the truck bed, the lining will not follow the dips of the truck bed like a LINE-X or ArmorThane Spray-on bedliner can.<br />

Thicker bedliners are generally credited to a duller look, which can be aggravating, particularly if you invest additional money on color matching your Rhino bedliner.<br />

Rhino truck bedliners are not as tear-resistant or waterproof as the products utilized in LINE-X and ArmorThane bedliners.

LINE-X BedLiners

Where Rhino bedliners are sprayed thicker, LINE-X liners tend to be on the thinner side (about 1/4″ thick), which contributes to in general increased sturdiness. Utilizing a high-pressure system that performs at temperature levels in between 130 degrees-210 degrees Fahrenheit, LINE-X is devoid of breaking or flaking and embeds in about 3-5 seconds. After 24 hr, your truck bedliner will be ready to transport anything, as the bedliner will be 100% dry and prepared to utilize.


To paraphrase, both bedliners have favorable attributes, which is what makes them so popular as truck bedliners. Numerous more recent items from Rhino lining are comparable to LINE-X, however the majority of them still fall short in the locations where it matters most, and this is where ArmorThane sustains as the leader in quality of the item, finest setup and service warranty peculiarities.<br />

With ArmorThane Bedliners:

ArmorThane uses a greater tensile strength in all of their bedliners, which relates to unequaled resilience from gouges, rips, and cuts.

With ArmorThane, you’ll hear less sound for a smoother trip because of its effect soaking up surface area.

Due to the particular application of ArmorThane bedliner to the beyond your truck bed, you will not need to fret about lost freight area for bedlids, camper shells, fifth wheel drawbacks, and energy boxes.

ArmorThane spray-on bedliners completely link to your truck bed, leaving you with a factory-like surface and a leak-proof seal. Because there are no spaces or drill holes, you will not need to fret about rust or deterioration destroying your bed.

Spray-on bedliners from ArmorThane are likewise resistant to a lot of chemicals like fuel, bleach, and other home solvents.